Moving Procedures


  1. Tenant Move-Out Request. Tenant shall request a move-out in writing, at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed move-out date, to the Management office. Such requests shall include the following information:
    1. Proposed date and time(s) of the move-out (e.g., Thursday, 1/21/2016 from 4:30 PM through 9:00 PM).
    2. Tenant’s point of contact managing the move-out (name, phone number, and email).
    3. Moving contractor’s name and contact information (phone number, email address)
    4. Moving contractor’s certificates of insurance (“COI”) in accordance with Section 47 of the Lease:
      1. Commercial General Liability COI:
        1. COI must list “Capital Properties NY LLC as agent for Trinity Centre LLC, owner” as the certificate holder.
        2. Capital Properties NY LLC as agent for Trinity Centre LLC, owner” must be listed as additional insured.
      2. Workers Compensation insurance and state disability benefits insurance.
      3. Comprehensive Auto Liability.
      4. COI must be submitted by Tenant to Landlord. Landlord will not accept requests from Tenant’s moving contractors.
    5. Landlord will respond to Tenant’s move-out request in writing within five (5) business days.

  2. Freight Elevator Usage. Freight, furniture, business equipment, trade fixtures, merchandise and bulky matter of any description shall be removed from the demised premises only on the freight elevators and through the service corridors and egresses, and during hours and in a manner approved by Landlord. Moves requiring more than three (3) trips shall be scheduled after hours.
    1. Freight Elevator Operating Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 4:30 PM.
    2. Freight Elevator After Hours: Freight elevator usage after hours are subject to the charges described in Table 1 below:
Day(s) Time(s) Charge per Hour Minimum Charge
Monday - Friday 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM $150.00 30 minutes
Saturday 8 AM (earliest start time) $165.00 4 hour increments
Sunday 8 AM (earliest start time) $275.00 4 hour increments