1. All work shall comply with the rules and regulations of the building. All codes and applicable provisions of city, state, and federal agencies have jurisdiction.
  2. Contractor will file drawings and secure all permits prior to any construction. Copies of all pertinent Building Department documents are to be submitted to the building and posted as required by the proper agencies.
  3. Contractor shall provide the property manager with certificates of his employers General Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance with a hold-harmless clause indemnifying the building, the owner and its agent.
  4. Workman's Compensation, Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, taxes on Labor, etc. shall be at the contractor's expense, and paid by the contractor to the proper agencies.
  5. Contractor shall submit a Performance and Materials bond or unconditional waiver of liens.
  6. Contractor to notify the property manager 72 hours prior to the commencement of any work.
  7. Work may have to be completed during nights or weekends to minimize interference with existing Tenants. The work schedule must be reviewed and approved by the building manager. Any work in occupied tenant spaces (other than the tenant for whom the work is being completed) or common areas must be done in the presence of a security guard contracted from the Building's guard service.
  8. Prior to the commencement of work, contractor shall submit to the building manager a construction schedule outlining the staging of trades and the delivery of materials.
  9. Materials may be brought into and out of the building only during the hours of 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM. All deliveries must be scheduled with the management office. As the freight elevator is also utilized by tenants of the building after hours, we suggest that you schedule appoints well in advance.
  10. The elevator lobby and any public passageways and entrances shall be protected with threshold walk-off plates, Masonite, corner guards, etc. as may be required to protect all finished surfaces (i.e., painted walls, carpet, marble, vinyl wall covering, doors, frames, hardware, etc.).
  11. Contractor shall notify the building manager prior to the scheduling of any after-hours or weekend work. The following work must be done on an overtime basis: core drilling, concrete slab demolition, placing of tackless carpet strips, spray painting or lacquering, or any other activity which disrupts an adjoining tenant. No powder activated guns are to be used without prior permission from the building manager.
  12. Any shut-downs or cut-ins of building or tenant utilities or services must be prearranged with the building manager 72 hours in advance.
  13. All sprinkler or life safety shut downs shall require approval of the Boston Fire Department, coordination with the building service contractor, where applicable, and be prearranged with the building manager 72 hours in advance. All final tie-ins of fire alarm equipment to be performed by the building service contractor at the contractor's expense.
  14. All HVAC equipment shall be building standard and as approved by the property manager. Upon completion of construction, contractor shall rebalance the HVAC system and submit a balancing report to the building manager.
  15. All fluorescent light fixtures, doors, frames, hardware, and life safety equipment shall be building standard, unless otherwise agreed to between tenant and landlord.
  16. Contractor shall furnish a typed electrical panel schedule to the building manager upon completion of the work.
  17. It is the responsibility of the contractor to bag and un-bag smoke detectors on a daily basis in order that the building is fully covered at all times. In the event an alarm is received for any reason in connection with the contractor, the contractor will be responsible for any costs involved.
  18. Contractors shall provide portable fire extinguishers at all times in the work areas. When welding, a fire watch must be provided by the contractor at his expenses. Storage of combustibles shall be allowed with permits and in closed containers only.
  19. In an emergency immediately notify the building manager and/or property manager.
  20. Contractors shall schedule material deliveries or debris removal with the building manager so that the materials can be properly taken to work areas or removed from the building as expeditiously as possible AFTER REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS. Contractor will be responsible for labor costs associated with a manual freight, if any. The loading dock shall not be used as a staging area for the storage of materials or equipment. Debris boxes may be delivered only after permission from the building manager. Construction materials are to be stored in the work area only. No materials are to be stored outside of the work area. No materials are to be stored in any of the building public areas.
  21. No rubbish shall be left on the loading dock or in any public areas.
  23. Do not prop open, tape, or detach door closer arms on required exit doors or base building facilities. Doors to equipment and electrical rooms shall not be left open when contractor is not present.
  24. No signs are to be posted in any public areas of the building without the prior consent of the building manager.
  25. Roof hatches in freight elevators may not be opened. Cost of elevator mechanics shall be borne by the contractor. Contractor is required to request this service 48 hours in advance.
  26. Contractor shall be prohibited from using telephones in the Building Office or at the Security Console.
  27. No private parking will be permitted in the loading dock area without the written consent of the building manager. Anyone parking in this area will be towed at the contractor's expense.
  28. The contractor acknowledges that this is a tenanted building and the contractor shall confine the movement of his employees, subcontractors, materials, and tools to the service elevators provided. While performing his duties, the contractor shall not be allowed to use any entry to the building other than the service area or the area designated to him by the building manager.
  29. Consideration must be given to minimize the inconvenience to tenants adjoining the work area, particularly when the contractor's work will cause noise, dust and/or odors. If work does cause undo inconvenience to other tenants, the contractor will be required to perform such work on overtime.
  30. The tenant will provide keys to contractor and will provide access as necessary.
  31. Contractor is to coordinate with the building manager for keying requirements and specifications regarding building standard hardware.
  32. As a matter of policy, the building does not loan tools, equipment or materials to contractors.
  33. Cleanliness must be maintained throughout the building at all times. Do not clutter, obstruct or block hallways, elevator lobby, exits, electrical closets or loading dock.
  34. Contractor shall provide doormats for all doorways leading to and from the work area. The contractor shall clean these doormats as frequently as necessary to comply with the requirements of the building manager.
  35. In the event the contractor's employees cause any damage to the base building including the tracking of paint, oil, grease, plaster, dust, etc. on shoes and elevator cabs or building lobbies, the contractor shall take immediate action to restore the damage already done and to prevent any further occurrence. Any costs incurred by the building to remedy these conditions will be borne by the contractor.
  36. The contractor shall not use public restrooms for washing of any tools. There are slop sinks in the building provided for this function.
  37. Toilets for workmen will be assigned prior to the commencement of the work. Contractor shall keep the premises clean at all times and will be responsible for all damages.
  38. In addition to removing all rubbish and leaving the building broom clean, the contractor shall, at the contractor's expense replace any broken ceiling tiles, floor tiles or glass and remove stains, spots, marks and dirt from wall, woodwork, floor and ceilings caused by his employees or subcontractors.
  39. Lights are to be turned off and doors locked at the end of each workday.
  40. Contractor shall notify the building manager 48 hours in advance of completion of work. A walk-through and punch list will be made of each job, the associated costs of which will be borne by the contractor.
  41. Upon completion of the construction, two (2) sets of as-built prints shall be forwarded to the building manager.
  42. Walk off mats to be used at all times.
  43. All contractors and subcontractors must wear contractor badges while performing work in the building.
  44. All contractors and subcontractors must utilize the freight elevator to access the job site.
  45. Building contact information is as follows:
    • Building Management Office 212-385-1200
    • Trinity Centre, LLC telephone is answered 24 hours per day. If it is an after-hour emergency, please insist that the appropriate personnel are contacted.

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